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Of Mice and Men Questions

Please answer the following Question
1- 5 cirlce one correct answer

question 5 - 10 is True or false

1. What was the conflict in this story?

2. Who was the 2 main characters in the story?

A. lennia C. Curley
B. George D.Bigger

3.What year was this book publish?

A. 1986 C. 1863
B. 1993 D. 1902

4. What was lennie promble?

5.who ws lennie bestfriend?

A.Dusty C. Geroge
B. Candy D. Curley

True or fasle questions 6-10

Did Curley really wanted 2 kill lennie?

Did lennie feel loney when the guys killed his Bestfriend?

The book of mice and Men, is it base on young people flowing there dreams?

dose the book of mice and man have a ending?

was bigger a main character in the book?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Service learning

Well dis is the Three week of service learning,I and my group was working on plan and thinking of ideas and things we wanna change and do

Thursday, February 28, 2008

StoRy SuMMary...

Pages 3-13
Chapter 1 : Mentally
This chapter is almost like a preview to the hardships that Bigger faces. In this chapter Bigger has to kill a rat in his home with his bare hands. He's little sister is favored by his mother so Bigger is seen as the problem child. I think this shows how family in rural, under priveleged neighborhoods live. Since they have no father, Bigger is seen as the man of the family.

In the first chapter Bigger is awoken by a loud ring for his alarm but this wasn't just a-wake-up call for Bigger but for America. In this day in age African Americans were lazy and self- destructing their own culture but does anybody realize what a mistake that people are making no. This chapter allows you to get to know Bigger Thomas and the Thomas family. You get to see Bigger as the so called man that he thinks he is.

Pages 13-40
Chapter 2 : Friend or Foe
This chapter gives us modern day experiences that you face when having friends. One of Bigger's friends is trying to talk the gang into robbing someone. Bigger doesn't really want to do it but he feels like he has to because his friend pulls out a knife. Bigger is being peer pressured.

In this chapter Bigger puts his friends to the test. He comes up with this idea for him and his friends to rob a store but when his friend Randy stands up and say that he didn't want to commit the crime Bigger gets upset and the stuff hits the fan. Bigger and Randy get into an arguement then Randy finally decide to go throught with the plan but Bigger is still not satisfied because he deep down inside was scared also and didn't want to commit the crime that he came up with.

Pages 44-62
Chapter 4 : Yessuh
The chapter starts off with the interview between Bigger and the white man. It is amazing how Bigger treats the white man. He treats him with respect and honor, as if to worship the white man. Why doesn't he treat his own people this way?

In this chapter Bigger is getting interviewed for a job as a SHOW-FERR. When Bigger begins to get interview he becomes a totally different person he acts polite, he carries his self as a respectable young man and he even addresses the white man that was interviewing him with common courtesy.